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'70s Show' 'terrified' Shannon Elizabeth

But she smoothed things out with gifts

Shannon Elizabeth (left) on "That '70s Show."

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Shannon Elizabeth
Ashton Kutcher

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- When in doubt, bring gifts. That's how Shannon Elizabeth got over her fear of breaking up the tight-knit Fox family on "That '70s Show."

"I was terrified going in, knowing that they were all so close and have been together for six years," admits Elizabeth, who makes her " '70s" debut Wednesday with her recurring role as the love interest of Ashton Kutcher's Kelso.

"I was especially scared of the girls (Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon) because there are only two, and I'm like this intruder girl coming in. But it's been amazing how nice everyone is and how accepting. I'm a really shy person, so I tried hard to be outgoing and talk to everyone, and I gave them all cast gifts the first taping night."

Gifts and nerves aside, Elizabeth is enjoying her eight-episode run. But when she's not donning vintage gear or gracing the big screen, she has plenty of extracurricular activities on her plate.

"I love acting and doing all this, but it's really about coming home to my husband (Joseph Reitman) and my animals -- they're my kids," says Elizabeth, who heads up Animal Avengers, a charity for orphaned animals that is gearing up for Luck of the Paw, a celebrity casino night December 5 at the Victorian in Santa Monica.

But first, she has to finish the delay-ridden werewolf pic "Cursed" for Dimension and Wes Craven. "I am going back to work a couple days (this) week and a few days the following week. The newest version of the script is really good, and I'll get to do some different things with my character. I'm excited to go back."

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