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Original Hulk Ferrigno talks TV-inspired movie

Editor's Note: CNN Access is a regular feature on providing interviews with newsmakers from around the world.

Ferrigno appears in his Hulk costume in this 1987 photo.

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In a melee between the Hulk and the Terminator, who would win?

(CNN) -- He appears in Hollywood's current blockbuster "The Hulk" playing a security guard. But to many fans, he is the original muscle-bound, bulging green man known as the Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno busted through his seams and onto the scene in 1977 in the television series "The Incredible Hulk" playing the not-so-jolly green giant.

CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips spoke to Ferrigno on Friday about the TV-inspired film.

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Lou Ferrigno is live from Los Angeles and LIVE FROM got him. Lou, great to see you.


PHILLIPS: Well, tell us, what did you think of the movie?

FERRIGNO: I saw "The Hulk" premiere Tuesday night. Fantastic. It's action-packed. We've got the best director, a phenomenal cast and the best special effects.

PHILLIPS: Here we have a computer-generated Hulk, and not the human being. I mean, we all identified with you, and you could sign autographs, and you could make visits. What do you think about the technology versus the real person?

FERRIGNO: The real person is more human. The computer-generated Hulk is basically more toward the comic book version. So now you have more of the comic book version than in the live-action [TV show] "Hulk," which is being re-released on the DVD.

PHILLIPS: When you saw this, were you kind of thinking, gosh, I wish I could sort of do that again.

FERRIGNO: Well, I'd love to reprise the role of the Hulk, but apparently Universal decided to go with the special effect, computer generated.

PHILLIPS: We don't know why, Lou. We're ready to start a campaign to bring you back. What do you say?

Hulk premiere
"The Incredible Hulk" comic book creator Stan Lee, left, and Ferrigno pose together at the premiere of the film "Hulk" on Tuesday.

FERRIGNO: I agree. Beginning of the campaign, I have my book here. It's on July 1. "My Incredible Life as the Hulk" [includes] everything you want to know about the Hulk, about the movie, about Ang Lee and Stan Lee, and all of it is action-packed. So this is one of my new projects. I'm doing the "King of Queens." I have a recurring role ... I play the neighbor next door.

PHILLIPS: You also had a cameo in this movie, right?

FERRIGNO: Yes, I have a cameo with Stan Lee.

PHILLIPS: Aren't you a security guard?

FERRIGNO: Yes, I filmed a couple of scenes. I play the head of security. I'm leaving the building with Stan Lee. They worked me in the film.

PHILLIPS: I always wanted to know this question or the answer to this question. Who is your favorite superhero?

FERRIGNO: Believe it or not, it was really Superman and the Hulk.


FERRIGNO: I was an avid "The Hulk" comic book reader when I was young. I was basically the Hulk my whole life ... and I expressed all my innovation to the character, I loved playing the Hulk.

PHILLIPS: What do your kids think of the Hulk?

FERRIGNO: They love it. They're my biggest fans. But they know that, you know, their father is the Hulk, and they tried [emulating] me, working out, getting fit and staying in great shape.

Staying Hulked, bulked and buffed

PHILLIPS: Well, you know what, you bring up a very good point about staying in great shape. We started doing a little research on you. We all remember you, of course, from the series very well. And we came across this Web site. And I must say, look at you! Oh, my goodness!

FERRIGNO: That was only six years ago when I retired from competition again in 1995.

PHILLIPS: Wow! How often do you work out?

FERRIGNO: I train now five or six days a week to keep in shape. I've been a personal trainer for 25 years. I have a facility in California, and I see people from all walks of life.

PHILLIPS: Will you come out here and train me and my producer?

FERRIGNO: Definitely.

PHILLIPS: Because if I can look like this, wow! These pictures are unbelievable. Aren't you ever shy?

FERRIGNO: No. Not now, but maybe about 40 pounds lighter compared to the pictures. I'm 270, I'm still in my best shape.

PHILLIPS: Oh, my gosh. All right, well, what's next for you? You've obviously got this book out, you've got this active Web site.

FERRIGNO: And I'm looking at different scripts now and deciding what I'm going to do next.

PHILLIPS: Can you give us maybe a hint in what could be next?

FERRIGNO: I don't know entirely yet, but basically it has to do with comedy, because I love doing sitcoms, and I'd love to do a romantic comedy, especially [a] sitcom, because doing "The King of Queens" [is] something I'd like to branch out.

She-Hulk, you Hulk, we all Hulk

PHILLIPS: Not bad. Speaking of romantic comedy, here's a little more research that we did. We had no idea there was a She-Hulk. Did you know that?

FERRIGNO: No. They were going to do a "She-Hulk" years ago, but apparently it never surfaced.

PHILLIPS: All right, Lou, we got this picture now, OK? It's "The Savage She-Hulk." And she is just this gorgeous babe, she looks like you but a female. So we were wondering if you maybe had something going on that we didn't know about?

FERRIGNO: Not with She-Hulk, but apparently they will probably introduce it in the next two Hulk movies.

PHILLIPS: All right. Well, Lou, we sure appreciate you being us. we have to ask you one more question, though. Can you give us a roar? Can you just take us back?

FERRIGNO: Hulk smash, Hulk crash. I've done the voice for the Hulk for the animated cartoon.

PHILLIPS: All right. Lou Ferrigno. What a pleasure. Great to see you. You're looking just fantastic.

FERRIGNO: Thank you.

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