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Another person's blood in slain prosecutor's car

Federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna's body was found in Pennsylvania.
Federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna's body was found in Pennsylvania.

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Investigators are probing many aspects of Luna's life for clues.
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(CNN) -- - Investigators found the blood of a second person in slain Maryland federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna's car, several law enforcement sources said Friday.

Authorities are conducting forensic testing to compare the blood with samples from family members to determine if the blood is theirs.

Luna's body was found early December 4 in a creek in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, about 70 miles from his home in suburban Baltimore, Maryland. The 38-year-old father of two was tortured and stabbed as many as 36 times, investigators said.

An autopsy found the assistant U.S. attorney "died of freshwater drowning and multiple stab wounds of the neck and chest." The report said Luna was alive but incapacitated when he entered the icy water.

Luna's car was found "drenched" in blood, much of which was his. But because of the forensic testing involved, results are coming back piecemeal, investigators said.

Sources close to the case said there are still no clear signs of a motive in Luna's killing. Investigators continue to examine his finances, work and personal life for possible clues.

A government source said investigators so far believe Luna's death was related to his personal life. But while investigators have found possible debt problems, a credit card his wife didn't know about and messages left on adult Web sites -- they have not ruled out the possibility the death was job-related.

Investigators continue to try to recreate Luna's movements and route after leaving his office the evening of December 3.

Luna withdrew $200 from an ATM in Delaware in the hours before he was dumped in a creek to drown after a vicious knife attack, sources close to the investigation said this week.

The sources said a surveillance camera at the ATM recorded images suggesting Luna was alone during the cash withdrawal and that he did not seem agitated. The tape shows he was still wearing his tie.

Sources said the government has subpoenaed toll booth and EZ-Pass records, including ones from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. From what has been reconstructed of his travels, Luna took an indirect route from Baltimore to Lancaster County.

Luna also purchased some items with a credit card at a gas station, the sources said, but officials said there was no camera at the gas station so authorities do not know if Luna was accompanied when he stopped at the convenience store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia.

CNN's Kelli Arena and Mike Brooks contributed to this story.

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