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School officials, students react to Michigan rulings

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(CNN) -- The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision Monday, ruling that the University of Michigan law school may consider race as a factor in admissions. However, in a separate case related to undergraduate admissions practices, the justices ruled that the school cannot assign a point value for race.

Here are excerpts from reaction at the University of Michigan to those decisions:

Mary Sue Coleman, University of Michigan president

"... The court told us that the law school system that we use is perfectly legal. They upheld it completely, and so in that sense, they've given us a road map for changing our undergraduate system. ... We're so happy because the central principle is affirmative action may be used, and that's what we were fighting for."

Geoffrey George, University of Michigan student

"I agree that applicants need to be accepted by their merits only, but I also think that people in this country don't get a fair shake. Some of the minorities don't have the opportunity that some of the other people do in this country to even get to the point to apply, so you've got to look at that, too. ..."

Dana Kayaian, University of Michigan student

"A lot of people don't have the opportunity throughout high school to get the kind of background and grades that they need, and standardized tests don't test everything."

George Gardner, University of Michigan student

"I'm elated that the Supreme Court has basically realized the importance that race plays in our society and the fact that they allow the law school still to evaluate [it] as a factor in their admissions."

Angela Galardi, president of the University of Michigan Student Assembly

"I feel at this university, the diversity that affirmative action creates is what makes it such a great institution, such a great place to learn. And there's only so much you can get from a book. A lot of the learning that I've gotten from this university has been from the classroom and the relationships I've made and the students I've met."

Agnes Aleobua, University of Michigan student

"I'm one of the intervening defendants in this case, and this is a huge victory for the new civil rights movement. ... Every black student, minority student on this campus, benefits from affirmative action. And with it still being here [that] means that we still have a chance for real integration in this society.

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