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Lego my Stanley Cup!

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ENFIELD, Connecticut (Court TV) -- The Stanley Cup is missing. Not the real one, but a replica made from 6,000 Lego bricks.

Authorities say the toy model of the championship trophy for NHL hockey was stolen before the close of a sports equipment show in Las Vegas last week. The replica was one of two built by a Danish company to promote a new line of Lego NHL hockey sets.

One model was given as a gift to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. The other cup was supposed to be on display in Florida at the NHL's All-Star festivities this weekend. While authorities continue to search for the missing model, Lego Americas has said it hopes Bettman will let the company borrow his model.

The Lego Stanley Cup was constructed in the Enfield model shop. The company is offering a reward of NHL tickets and an assortment of new Lego hockey products to the person who finds or returns the model.


Man makes prank call to police chief

WESTLAKE, Ohio -- A local man dialed the wrong number when making a drunken prank call.

John Mullen Jr., 31, made an unwelcome call at 3 a.m. last week to none other than the town's police chief, Richard Walling. Mullen allegedly dialed the number at random and, unaware that he had reached the chief, made lewd comments for 15 minutes before passing out.

Walling used his cell phone to call police, who then had the phone company trace the call.

"I was listening, and he was snoring away," Walling said.

The trace led officers to a house in Lakewood, where Mullen's roommate let them inside. Mullen was found asleep in his upstairs bedroom, still clutching the phone, said Lt. Ray Arcuri. A patrolman at the scene got on the line and asked, "Chief, is that you?"

Mullen, who had been drinking, was arrested for making harassing phone calls and spent the morning in jail, Arcuri said. He was arraigned two days later in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Drunk driver steals car back

STROUDSBURG, Pennsylvania -- A man who had his car towed after being arrested for drunken driving wanted it back later in the night. So he stole the tow truck, with his car still attached, and drove it home, police say.

Jorge Rodriguez, 43, pleaded guilty January 20 to drunken driving and other charges in connection with the September 18 incident.

Police said that after he was pulled over for drunken driving, he asked his friends to drive him to a towing service to look for his car. He found his Chrysler New Yorker still hooked up to the back of the tow truck with the keys still inside. Unable to free his car, police said Rodriquez drove the whole rig home.

Rodriguez is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 31, according to the Monroe County court clerk.

Disc jockey lands in court for mooning stunt

ROCKVILLE, Maryland -- It wasn't the typical moon over Manassas.

Disc jockey "Teapot Tim" Coburn is due in court February 24 date for baring his buttocks beside a "Welcome to Manassas" sign on a northern Virginia highway.

Coburn, who works for Hot 99.5 FM in Rockville, was arrested earlier this month after a picture of him mooning was posted on the station's Web site.

Prince William General District Court Judge Lou E. Harris continued Coburn's case on January 27 after city prosecutors recommended the case be dismissed if Coburn agrees to perform 25 hours of community service, writes a letter of apology to the city and stays out of trouble for a year.

Photographer Mary Kate Unthank was charged as a principal in the second degree to indecent exposure, but later pleaded guilty to a reduced charged of trespassing. Calls to the station were not returned.

Bank robber has second thoughts

LINCOLN, Nebraska -- Police arrested a man who entered a bank with intentions to rob it, but then second-guessed his plan minutes later.

The change of heart came too late for authorities who have charged the 27-year-old with attempted robbery.

Police Capt. Allen Soukup said the man entered a Cornhusker Bank branch in Lincoln at about 10:30 a.m. on January 23 and asked to use a phone. The man, whose name has not been released, then reached into his bib overalls and demanded money from the teller.

As the teller led him to the vault, she asked whether he really wanted to rob the bank. The man first replied "Yes" but then said "No" and then "Call the cops."

The man crawled under the swinging door that leads to the teller area where bank employees restrained him until police arrived. He is due in court next week for a hearing.

-- Stupid Crimes & Misdemeanors, a weekly feature of, is reported by Hozaifa Cassubhai.

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