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Country breakdown: Probable cases of SARS

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Health Organizations
World Health Organization (WHO)

(CNN) -- Severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, is believed to have originated in southern China as an outbreak of pneumonia-like disease in November 2002.

The virus has infected thousands of people globally and killed more than 900.

But thanks to the international efforts to contain the virus, the worst seems to be over and health experts expect the world to soon be free of SARS.

Following is the country breakdown of the SARS cases from November 1, 2002 to July 31, 2003 :

Total number of probable cases: 8,098

Confirmed death toll: 774

Australia: 6 cases.

Canada: 251 cases. 43 dead.

China: 5,327 cases. 349 dead.

France: 7 cases. 1 dead.

Germany: 9 cases.

Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region): 1,755 cases. 299 dead.

India: 3 cases.

Indonesia: 2 cases.

Italy: 4 cases.

Kuwait: 1 case.

Macau (Special Administrative Region): 1 case.

Malaysia: 5 cases. 2 dead.

Mongolia: 9 cases.

New Zealand: 1 case.

Philippines: 14 cases. 2 dead.

Republic of Ireland: 1 case

Romania: 1 case.

Russia: 1 case.

Singapore: 238 cases. 33 dead.

South Africa: 1 case. 1 dead.

South Korea: 3 cases.

Spain: 1 case.

Sweden: 5 cases.

Switzerland: 1 case.

Taiwan: 346 cases reported. 37 dead.

Thailand: 9 cases. 2 dead.

United Kingdom: 4 cases.

United States: 29 cases.

Vietnam: 63 cases. 5 dead.

(Sources: World Health Organization; Hong Kong Department of Health; China Ministry of Health; Health Canada; Singapore Ministry of Health; Taiwan Ministry of Health)

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