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California Latino groups urge boycott

Schwarzenegger's repeal on driver's license law stirs protest

From Jamie McShane

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger helps Reese Hodge, 2, hang an ornament on the state Christmas tree before turning on its lights.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger helps Reese Hodge, 2, hang an ornament on the state Christmas tree before turning on its lights.

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CNN's Casey Wian on Arnold Schwarzenegger struggle to keep some campaign promises.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Undocumented Worker
California Recall

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Latino advocacy groups have called for a one-day economic protest on Friday to mark their opposition to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's annulment of a measure that would have allowed undocumented workers to get driver's licenses.

Some of the groups' plans include work stoppages and school walkouts.

Mexican American Political Association President Nativo Lopez said it is an effort "to send a very clear message to Gov. Schwarzenegger, business, civic and political leaders that if our people do not receive driver's licenses early next year ... we will continue to call for economic boycotts, full days of boycotts, work stoppages, and school strikes.

"We will tinker with the economy of California because Mexicans and Latinos make up 45 percent of the work force."

Lopez admitted that it would not be easy to gauge the protest's impact.

"This is the beginning of a movement that's going to take a long time," he said.

Other Latino groups, including the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, are against the idea of pulling children out of school for the day.

Last week, Schwarzenegger repealed Senate Bill 60 -- legislation that would have allowed undocumented workers to obtain a California driver's license.

His predecessor, then-Gov. Gray Davis, signed the bill into law in the midst of the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Schwarzenegger campaigned against the bill, saying the initiative pandered to voters -- an issue he now appears ready to re-examine.

"The governor will look at the issue when the regular session of the Legislature gets under way in January," Schwarzenegger aide Darrel Ng said Thursday.

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