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Howard Dean vs. Dick Gephardt?

Howard Dean wears an AFSCME union t-shirt and holds a hard hat Wednesday after the union announced its formal support of his campaign.
Howard Dean wears an AFSCME union t-shirt and holds a hard hat Wednesday after the union announced its formal support of his campaign.

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Morning Grind
Fund Raising

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

• UNION BACKING: Both Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt got a little labor love yesterday. While Gephardt's endorsement by the Iowa United Autoworkers certainly was a boost in his must-win state, Dean's double whammy nods from the SEIU and AFSCME got the most attention.

The Des Moines Register: Gephardt, Dean get union supportexternal link

• Some analysts think the Democratic field could narrow enough to produce a Dean-Gephardt showdown.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch: Analysts see potential Gephardt-Dean showdownexternal link

• Dean "took another step on his long walk from being the 'who's he?' candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination to becoming the choice of party insiders."

The Chicago Tribune: 2 labor unions endorse Deanexternal link

• Will Dean's AFSCME endorsement motivate foot soldiers in Vermont?

The Burlington Free Press: Campaign seeks to put union to workexternal link

• STAY TUNED: John Kerry says sit back and watch -- his campaign turnaround is just about to happen.

The Boston Herald: Sagging Kerry vows campaign comebackexternal link

• Jeanne Shaheen's political resume proves she knows New Hampshire. But does she have what it takes to help deliver the state for Kerry?

The Washington Post: Kerry campaign puts hope in Shaheenexternal link

• I'M TOO SEXY: A Chinese clothing manufacturer wants Bill Clinton to be its "spokesmodel."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: Chinese clothier offers Clinton $2 million dealexternal link

• ANY MOMENT NOW: "With less than three months until the primary elections that will seal his presidential fate, the question confounding retired Army General Wesley K. Clark's supporters is: When is that juggernaut going to happen?"

The Boston Globe: Late entry, strong start, long haulexternal link

• Clark says he's got a plan to combat terror that deals in part with finding Osama bin Laden, something he says the Bush administration hasn't focused enough on.

The Los Angeles Times: Clark plan would enlist Saudis in terrorism fightexternal link

• NOW IS THE TIME: Gephardt says the country is ready right now for his ideas and his wealth of experience. But he admits that if he "fails" this will surely be his last campaign.

The New York Times: For Gephardt, Congress role is both platform and hurdleexternal link

• GRANITE STATUS: Is Clark really skipping the December 9 New Hampshire debate to attend a fund-raiser?

The Union Leader: Clark to skip December 9 debateexternal link

• HILLARY'S SHADOW: Hillary Clinton says she is impressed by all of the '04 Dems and no, she has no intention of joining the field.

The Union Leader: Clinton to tout Democrats at Iowa appearancesexternal link

• GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER: Expect a "low-key" inauguration for Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday. No black-tie parties, no limos and definitely no gloating.

The San Francisco Chronicle: The inauguration: Schwarzenegger prepares for a low-key swearing-inexternal link

Compiled by Sasha Johnson

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