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Bad news for Gray Davis?

Can you fight town-halls?  The Los Angeles Times looks at how
Can you fight town-halls? The Los Angeles Times looks at how "real" these events are, writing "The town is left off the guest list at town-halls."

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CNN's Soledad O'Brien reports on Laura Bush's trip to France and Russia.
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CNN's Miguel Marquez on a new poll that indicates that Californians may remove Davis vote for Schwarzenegger.
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President Bush and Vladimir Putin hold a news conference at Camp David.
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Morning Grind
California Recall
Democratic Party

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

California recall

• The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll spells big trouble for Gray Davis, with 63 percent of probable voters supporting his ouster. Even with Tom McClintock in the race, Arnold Schwarzenegger dusts his competitors in the replacement race. Poll: Davis in peril, Schwarzenegger shows strength

• The poll suggests that Schwarzenegger is winning the battle for independents and crossover voters.

USA Today: Arnold looks set to topple Davisexternal link

• Schwarzenegger has unleashed the toughest criticism of the Davis administration yet, declaring that the race has turned into all-out "war."

The Los Angeles Times: Crunch time in recall raceexternal link

• Are Tom McClintock's fiscal fixes anything more than just campaign promises? Some experts say it will be tough to turn his proposals into realistic solutions.

The Sacramento Bee: Different candidates, different styles: McClintockexternal link

• The two-part recall ballot is opening up new opportunities for those "strategic voters."

The San Francisco Chronicle: Some treat elections like chess matchesexternal link

• Has the plethora of candidate town-hall events been anything more than slickly produced campaign events?

The Los Angeles Times: The town is left off the guest list at town-hallsexternal link

• Political junkies and archivists are working at "hyper-speed" to collect as much campaign "flair" as they possibly can.

The New York Times: Preserving ephemera of recall campaignexternal link

What about us?

• Western Iowa Democrats are "finally getting the attention they deserve" from their party's presidential candidates.

The Des Moines Register: Democrats seeks support in GOP-heavy western Iowaexternal link

Gearing up

• The Bush political machine "has begun to try to cast the Democratic candidates as excessively negative in their attacks on a personally popular president." This strategy, coupled with aggressive fund-raising and get-out-the-vote efforts, simply emphasizes the monumental task of unseating President Bush. However, the Rove machine isn't taking anything for granted.

The New York Times: Bush '04 readying for one Democrat, not 10external link

More Clark

• The Bush administration is steering U.S. foreign policy away from "traditional American principles," newly announced '04 Dem candidate Wesley Clark writes in his book. "The book is sure to be read as a political document for insights into his views on foreign and national security policy."

The Washington Post: Clark wants more foreign aid, new department to handle itexternal link

Texans for Dean

• A band of Texans for Howard Dean flew north to try to recruit Granite State voters.

The Manchester Union Leader: Texans come to NH to support Deanexternal link

Compiled by Sasha Johnson.

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