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A 'Grind' extra: Open-book debate

By John Mercurio
CNN Political Editor

Do your homework: Study up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Wednesday's debate.
Do your homework: Study up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Wednesday's debate.

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Morning Grind
California Recall
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gray Davis

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Ah, California: Sunny skies, palm trees, beautiful people ... and debates in which candidates know the questions beforehand.

As regular Grind readers will ... recall, the California Broadcasters Association (CBA) is sponsoring a 90-minute debate September 24 in which the candidates will have received the questions one week ahead of time. (The CBA debate is, of course, the only forum Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to attend).

The association plans to release those questions today at 9 a.m. EDT. And so that you can help Arnold prepare for the debate, we're sharing them with you. Enjoy.

• What do you expect to accomplish in the time remaining on Gray Davis' term that he could not?

• How would you propose enhancing revenue, and/or what specific cuts would you propose to achieve a balanced budget?

• Everybody talks about wanting a color-blind society, but what does that actually mean to you? In other words, how do we know when we have succeeded?

• Leaders in the business community are convinced that this state is losing jobs and unable to attract new businesses. If you agree, what are two things you would change to make this a more business-friendly state? If you disagree, what are the misconceptions you would like to correct?

• How are you going to ensure that all Californians have adequate health care?

• What should be the top priority for California right now?

• If elected governor, will you support the expansion of charter schools in California?

• What is the single most important piece of legislation either signed or vetoed during this past legislative session?

• Do you support reducing the Vehicle License Fee (car tax), and if so, where would you

find the revenue to replace the loss to the budget?

• What services will your Administration expect local governments to provide and what stable source of revenue will you give them to do it?

• Under Governors Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan, California spent up to 20 percent of its General Fund on infrastructure -- roads, bridges, colleges, hospitals and water systems. Now we spend closer to 1 percent. Proposition 53 on the ballot raises that figure to 3 percent. What are your positions on Prop. 53 and what will you do to invest more in California's aging infrastructure?

• As our population continues to age, the demand for government services to seniors will increase dramatically during the next decade. What do you intend to do to proactively manage this demand?

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