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Issa: Court's decision makes no sense

Issa: Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante
Issa: Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante "have tried to prevent the will of the people."

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A federal appeals court Monday ordered California election officials to postpone the October 7 gubernatorial recall, saying the state first needed to eliminate inadequate voting machines that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters.

Republican U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, who helped finance the petition drive for the recall with more than $1 million of his own money, talked with "Inside Politics" host Judy Woodruff Monday about the court's decision.

WOODRUFF: Darrell Issa is the man who is largely responsible for getting this recall effort on the ballot. He initially was going to run ... and decided not to. Congressman, we just heard U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat who represents the Los Angeles area, say that what you did was a paid effort, that people didn't really know what they were signing -- suggesting that perhaps it wasn't a legitimate petition.

ISSA: Well, Maxine's self-serving statements are just that.

First of all, the total number that came in was over 2.1 million signatures. Once you get more than twice the amount required by law, in that case the election has been certified, you sort of quit counting.

But of those 2.1 million signatures, more than half came from people who downloaded from the Internet or responded to direct mail and clearly had to read. There was no one talking to them.

But the amazing thing is Maxine Waters is a little confused, because the fact was that Gray Davis spent more money than we spent, several million dollars with a false petition, and I'm not using that word lightly. We're talking about a petition that was supposedly going to protect schools that he went out and paid gatherers to do. It was never on the ballot. It was never certified. It was never real. And he put those next to every one of ours in hopes of being able to confuse the voters and it failed.

Gray Davis all along, and [Lt. Gov. Cruz] Bustamante, have tried to prevent the will of the people. Huge amounts, more than 25 percent of the electorate, have signed saying they want an election.

Now a three-judge panel, all Democrats, all appointed by Democratic presidents, want to overturn the will of the people in advance and to compare this to Florida is so inappropriate.

WOODRUFF: So you're saying this is a politically motivated decision?

ISSA: Absolutely. Look, the [9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals] is the most overturned circuit in America, under Republican presidents under Democrat presidents.

This bears no common sense at all. The ACLU brought this along -- you know, this is our 14th, I think, case that's been brought. It's [the] first one that anyone even considered and they considered it wrong on the merits.

Understand, Judy, that less than a year ago we voted for and re-elected Gray Davis based on this system of voting. And now what was good enough to re-elect him is not good enough to consider throwing him out of office. Why? Because they don't like the odds of him being removed from office by a constitutional effort.

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