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Bush: War reveals brutality of Saddam's regime

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The world has seen firsthand "the cruel nature" of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's "dying regime," President Bush said Saturday in an assessment of coalition military operations in Iraq thus far.

"In areas still under its control, the regime continues its rule by terror. Prisoners of war have been brutalized and executed. Iraqis who refuse to fight for the regime are being murdered. An Iraqi woman was hanged for waving at coalition troops," the president said in his weekly radio address, while noting that still others in the Iraqi military have feigned surrender as a ruse to open fire on coalition forces.

Every atrocity, he said, "has confirmed the justice and urgency" of the coalition's cause in Iraq.

"We expect such war crimes, but we will not excuse them," he said, vowing that Iraqi war criminals will be hunted relentlessly and judged severely.

Coalition forces have continued a steady advance in Iraq and are now less than 50 miles from Baghdad, Bush said. More than 600 oil wells have been secured, he said.

Coalition forces are also "going to extraordinary lengths" to spare the lives of innocent Iraqis, he said.

"We will accept no outcome but complete and final victory," Bush said in the address, urging Congress to pass his nearly $75 billion wartime supplemental appropriations bill. He said the money will provide fuel for tanks, aircraft and ships, as well as new high-tech munitions for use in the war.

"I hope the Congress will act quickly to pass this essential measure," he said.

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