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Sources: Lieberman to run for president

Announcement expected Monday

From Candy Crowley
CNN Washington Bureau

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut
Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut, intends to run for president in 2004, according to several sources who have spoken with the former vice-presidential nominee recently.

Other sources said Lieberman will announce his decision Monday morning at his old high school in Stamford, Connecticut.

As Al Gore's former running mate, Lieberman enjoys better national name recognition than others in the running for the Democratic nomination. One political source outside the Lieberman circle says the senator can expect to draw strong support from former Gore donors and staffers.

Another source, noting that Lieberman gathered a lot of chits in 2000, added, "Most importantly, everybody remembers Joe brought life to a campaign that had none."

Another source contrasted Lieberman's post-2000 behavior to that of Gore. "Gore went to his house and shut the door for two years. Joe sent out thank-you notes to everyone and continued to raise money."

A new CNN-USA Today Gallup Poll showed support for Lieberman among African-American voters, a key Democratic constituency. Lieberman even outpolled civil rights activist Al Sharpton. Lieberman spent a lot of time rallying support in black churches during the 2000 campaign. Said one long-time activist, "Lieberman went to Mississippi during the height of the civil rights movement. People remember things like that."

An Orthodox Jew, Lieberman does not work Saturdays, but said during the 2000 campaign, he would break the Sabbath if there were a crisis. If elected in 2004, Lieberman would be the first Jewish president of the United States.

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