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Williams shows colours for Cameroon

Williams: Colourful match on the red clay of Paris
Williams: Colourful match on the red clay of Paris  

PARIS, France -- American tennis star Serena Williams is showing her true colours at the French Open.

The 20-year-old, ranked 3rd in the world, says she is supporting Cameroon in the World Cup. And, to show it, she has been playing in the team's colours. "Cameroon are the best team," she declared.

In her opening match against Slovakia's Martina Sucha on Wednesday, Williams stunned traditionalists by donning a sleeveless green top with yellow trim, red cycling shorts and green shoes with yellow flashes.

The most distinctive feature of her kit was bright yellow knee-length socks. She plans to wear the outfit for as long as she remains at Roland Garros.

Williams first became interested in wearing the colours when she was approached by her clothing sponsor, Puma. Renowned for her on-court style, she said she needed little persuading.

"Since I always wear sleeveless things, the idea is really exciting," she was quoted as saying in newspapers.



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