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Spain coach meets four-legged Korean friend

Jose Antonio Camacho
Camacho holds the new team mascot 'Camachin'  

ULSAN, South Korea (Reuters) -- Spain's World Cup coach Jose Antonio Camacho came face to face with his more cuddly namesake on Wednesday -- a month-old puppy "rescued" from an Ulsan market and named Camachin, or Little Camacho.

A Spanish TV crew found the pup on sale while doing a feature on the issue of dog-eating in South Korea and could not resist returning the next day and handing over 30 euros to save it from its intended fate.

"Having the same name as me won't help it one bit," Camacho joked with reporters after being introduced to the latest addition to the Spanish party in Ulsan.

Asked about his thoughts on dog-eating, Camacho simply said, "In Spain we eat snails. Every nation's habits seem strange to others."

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