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U.N. sees $37 million in Iraq war aid

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UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- The United Nations estimates at least $37 million in humanitarian aid would be needed in Iraq if war comes, a U.N. spokesman said Monday.

The U.N. contingency work includes planning for pre-positioning of supplies such as food and tents and for logistics and communication.

This does not mean the United Nations has begun to move supplies but has come up with an estimate of what it will cost to prepare for any humanitarian operation.

The United Nations met with donor countries 10 days ago in Geneva and presented them with the $37.4 million figure.

U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said the amount represented "minimal estimates of what might be required."

"It's the whole humanitarian community of the U.N. system that sits down and says what would we need as a minimum for the first phase of the fallout from a military action in Iraq," Eckhard said.

"And the High Commissioner for Refugees would say, 'Well, at the very minimum at the outset we should be prepared for a certain number of displaced persons or refugees. Let's have X blankets, X food.' On that basis they came up with this $37.4 million list."

Humanitarian concerns in Iraq include refugees -- people displaced within Iraq's borders as well as trying to cross out of Iraq -- and damage to Iraq's water, electrical and sewage systems.

U.N. agencies involved in contingency planning include the U.N. Children's Fund, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Food Programme.

"I think any well run organization does contingency planning on a routine basis. The humanitarian side has for some time now been doing contingency planning in the event that there's military action in Iraq," Eckhard said.

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