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Israel: Palestinian kills female settler

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A Palestinian gunman infiltrated an Israeli settlement in the West Bank Saturday night, killing an Israeli woman before being shot and killed by Israeli security forces, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Israeli ambulance services said two other people were severely wounded in the attack at 10:10 p.m. (3:10 p.m. ET) in a settlement in the Jordan Valley.

Earlier, a Palestinian municipal worker was shot in the head by gunfire from a tank, as he drove a city truck to an electrical repair job in Nablus, a Palestinian security source said.

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The Israeli military said the 54-year-old driver was shot when he kept driving after soldiers enforcing the curfew in town ordered him to stop. The man's trip through town had been coordinated with the Israeli army, the Palestinian source said.

The IDF said it regretted the death, and was investigating the shooting.

The Israelis imposed a 24-hour curfew in Nablus and other major West Bank cities in June in an attempt to curb violence by Palestinian militants.

Israel forces Saturday prevented a Palestinian carrying hand grenades and other ammunition from crossing the Gaza border into Israel, the Israeli army said.

The forces identified a man near northern Gaza whom they said was armed and fired at him. There was an explosion, and he was killed, the army said.

The army initially believed he was wearing an explosives belt, but a check of the body revealed he was carrying grenades and other ammunition. It was not clear what set off the explosion.

In southern Gaza, eight people, including four children, were lightly wounded in Khan Yunis Saturday by Israeli tank shells, according to Palestinian hospital sources.

The Israeli army said its forces were near settlements around the Khan Yunis refugee camp and returned fire with machine guns toward Palestinian gunmen.

The incidents came a day after chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat held ongoing meetings with U.S. officials and acknowledged the challenge of overcoming the "below-zero" trust level between Palestinians and Israelis. (Full story)

"I am not going to raise any expectations at this stage. This is going to be a difficult process of rebuilding the trust and confidence between Palestinians and Israelis," Erakat told CNN.

Israeli forces said Friday they arrested a Hamas commander at Qalqilya in a house where they found an explosives belt.

The spokesman said the capture of Abdel Rahman Dhamas "prevented a large attack that was planned for the near future inside Israel."




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