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Rula Amin: Jenin camp siege over

CNN's Rula Amin
CNN's Rula Amin  

(CNN) -- The scene of some of the fiercest fighting in Israel's offensive in the West Bank had quieted down Wednesday. CNN's Rula Amin is near Jenin and filed this report:

AMIN: We are on the outskirts of Jenin, but we are hearing from residents in the Jenin refugee camp and Palestinian Authority security sources that the fighting in Jenin is over. Basically what they are saying is that the Palestinian militants inside the camp have run out of bullets. Many of them have been killed, and those who are left are on the run.

They said that they decided to stop the fighting, and bulldozers now are knocking down houses there. And we were hearing earlier in the day -- confirmed by units of officers in the field -- that the residents were asked through loudspeakers by the Israeli army to leave their houses and to gather in locations on the outskirts of the camp. There is a lot of concern among residents that ... Israeli bulldozers are bulldozing the houses. They are flattening the camp.

It doesn't seem that many of them have surrendered. We have seen that many of them had been killed. They ran out of ammunition, and those who have not been killed or ran out of ammunition are on the run basically, and there's not many of them left.

That brings, of course, this standoff that has lasted over a week to an end. More than 14 Israeli soldiers have been killed in that refugee camp. According to Palestinian and Israeli estimates, more than 200 Palestinians were killed in that camp




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