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Arab peace initiative detailed

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- At the Arab League summit Thursday, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa read the Arab peace initiative to reporters and said a committee will be formed to push the initiative forward.

The following is a translation of the initiative, which was adopted by the summit:

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1. The summit asks Israel to re-evaluate its policies and to work for peace. Israel should declare that a just peace is also Israel's strategic choice.

The summit also asks Israel to:

-- Complete a withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands including the Syrian Golan, occupied south Lebanon, back to the borders of June 4, 1967.

-- To reach a just solution to the Palestinian problem agreed upon in accordance with (U.N.) General Assembly Resolution 194.

-- Accept establishment of an independent Palestinian state with sovereignty of Palestinian land occupied since June 1967, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

2. Then the Arab states will do the following:

-- Consider the Arab-Israeli conflict over and will enter into peace agreements with Israel including providing security to all states in the region.

-- Establish normal relations with Israel in the context of this comprehensive peace.

3. The summit rejects all forms of resettlement of Palestinians which conflicts with the special circumstances in the Arab host countries.

4. The summit calls on the Israeli government and people to accept this initiative. This initiative is to establish peace and end the bloodshed. It will allow Israel and the Arab states to live side by side. It will provide the next generations a secure future and stability.

5. The summit asks the international community with all its states and organizations to support this initiative.




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