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Reaction to suicide bombing in Netanya

(CNN) -- Here is reaction to the suicide bomb attack that killed at least 19 people and wounded 172 in an Israeli hotel Wednesday:

'This is not a resistance'

"This is not a resistance, this is a terror attack. This is a murderer who killed here children, who killed women, all people. It is not a resistance. Netanya is a city which around are many Arabs, they are coming here, Israeli Arabs, shopping here ... I am very sorry that other Arab leaders in Lebanon, that they are only talking, all the while they can't stop it, not support any more terrorists, because they are terrorists and killers."

-- Miriam Fireberg, Netanya mayor

'No matter what measures'


"In the name of God, this attack and other attacks are a message to the Arab summit to confirm that the Palestinian people continue to struggle for the land and to defend themselves no matter what measures the enemy takes."

-- Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Hamas spiritual leader

'The king of lies is facing a real moment of truth'


"No doubt, this is the Passover massacre. There was a ray of hope coming from Beirut, that the Arab world is reaching a strategic crossroad, maybe for the first time with the Saudi initiative, of really [being] willing to sit down and negotiate peace and reconcile these long and bloody conflicts. But then, again, reality in the Middle East hits us very hard, and Arafat is the same Arafat he was 18 months ago when he launched this war of terror against us. The king of lies is now facing a real moment of truth because I believe that following this attack Israel will have to reassess its overall policies ...

This horrendous wave of violence, terrorism and incitement must stop. Not only is it hurting Israeli society -- and the picture speaks more than a thousand words, and now you see the victims lying there, every day we have an attack like that -- these suicide bombers are destroying Palestinian society as a civilized society. They're sending them back to the stone age or to another type of society which is definitely not civilized."

-- Ra'anan Gissin, senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

'All of the Palestinians consider themselves suicide bombers'


"You can't ask us, while the knife is on our neck, to raise up our hands. We must fight not to make this knife cut our necks. This is the situation in Palestine. So can't talk about cease-fire while he [Sharon] is killing our people. He is attacking our homes, he is destroying our schools, our hospitals, so you can't talk about cease-fire ...

It is depending on the Israeli government if they are looking for a real peace. They are supposed to have the first step. Let them withdraw their tanks, let them announce their position toward peace and the peace process ... I believe that if the occupation continues like [it has], you will discover that all the Palestinians consider themselves suicide bombers."

-- Usama Hamdan, Hamas spokesman

'The road is going to be hard'


"It is awfully hard to realize there can be peace in a place like the Middle East. My heart breaks for those innocent lives that are lost on a daily basis, and today there was another suicide bomber who murdered innocent Israelis. This callous, cold-blooded killing must stop. I condemn it in the strongest of terms. I call upon Mr. Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to do everything in their power to stop the terrorist killing because there are people in the Middle East who would rather kill than have peace.

If the United States is firm and strong in routing out terror, if the United States stays steady in our quest for peace, I think we can achieve peace in places where people think we'll never have peace. The road is going to be hard, there's no question about it. It'll test our will. It'll test our determination."

-- U.S. President George W. Bush

'Massive Israeli occupation'


I would like to really offer my condolences and those of the Palestinian people. I would like to say also that activities of this nature are a part of the deadly confrontation based on massive Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and that the sooner we get results out of Gen. Zinni's work on the ground and a full endorsement of the Saudi peace plan...the better equipped [we will be] by opening up the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel for the Palestinian people."

-- Nabil Shaath, Palestinian cabinet minister

'This is the time to stop'


This is the time for Chairman Arafat to get on television, to get on radio, to speak to his people, to tell them that they are destroying their own desire and vision for a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel behind secure and recognizable borders. This is the time to stop this kind of activity and to bring under control all of those elements of the Palestinian Authority who might be participating or allowing these kinds of activities to go on.

-- Colin Powell, U.S. secretary of state

'Morally repugnant and immensely harmful'

The Secretary-General strongly condemns today's suicide bomb attack in the city of Netanya in Israel in which at least 15 Israeli citizens were killed and many others wounded.  He reiterates his conviction that such terrorist attacks are morally repugnant and immensely harmful to the Palestinian cause.  He extends his heartfelt condolences to the Government of Israel and to the families of the victims of this attack.

The Secretary-General urges all sides to exercise maximum restraint and not to allow the enemies of peace to derail the current efforts to secure a durable ceasefire and to implement the Tenet and Mitchell plans.

-- Spokesman for Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary General, in a prepared statement




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