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Details of Tenet plan

Details of the Tenet plan, according to diplomats familiar with the proposal:


It must not initiate military incursions into areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority and must not initiate attacks against Palestinian Authority targets.

The government is required to take action against Israelis, such as settlers, who have committed illegal acts against Palestinians.

Israeli forces are to redeploy to positions they were in before the violence began in September 2000, and the military is to reduce the number of checkpoints and border closings.


They must arrest terrorists, pass to Israeli intelligence any information concerning planning of terrorist attacks and arrest anyone planning such attacks.

They must collect illegal weapons, including those in the hands of the Palestinian Authority, which is supposed to have only "light" arms -- no mortars, missiles or arsenals of weapons.

The Palestinian Authority must work to prevent the smuggling of weapons, must not produce or possess mortars, and must work against production of such weapons.

They are directed to stop incitement against Israelis, including preventing the media from engaging in such incitement.




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