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ETA threatens political mainstream

ETA's message: 'Only the armed population can reach their goals'
ETA's message: 'Only the armed population can reach their goals'

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MADRID, Spain -- Basque separatists ETA have warned Spanish mainstream political parties they will become military targets if pro-Basque independence parties are outlawed.

Spain's central government is attempting to outlaw Batasuna, a party that has already been suspended for three years.

ETA has previously killed politicians, police, judges and civilians in its three-decade campaign for an independent homeland spanning northern Spain and southeast France.

In a statement published in the Basque language newspaper Gara on Sunday ETA slammed the moves to ban Batasuna -- a party which critics say is the political arm of ETA.

Batasuna denies the allegations but it was suspended for three years after a judge presented evidence he said link the two groups.

ETA's statement that should a permanent ban on Batasuna be approved then the offices of what it called the "fascist" governing centre-right Popular Party and the opposition Socialist party had become "military targets of ETA."

It warned the public to "take the necessary measures regarding those offices, keep away from them just as one would with any other military installation."

ETA added: While invasive forces are in our country, there will be no peace."

The group also claimed formal responsibility for the death of a Civil Guard policeman, killed by a bomb hidden behind a pro-ETA banner in a small Basque town last week, as well as other bombs planted in August and September that claimed no victims, Reuters reported.

ETA said the Civil Guard had brought "torture, savageness, death and oppression, decade after decade to the (Basque) people."

The group also attacked the moderate Basque nationalist authorities, saying it considered as acts of aggression the moves by the Basque regional police to stop peaceful demonstrations in protest at the clampdown on Batasuna.

The Basque government, run by the moderates who condemn ETA attacks, is appealing to Spain's Constitutional Court against the law which would outlaw Batasuna.

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