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New groups vow to fill N17 vacuum

Terror attacks continue despite the crackdown against N17
Terror attacks continue despite the crackdown against N17

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ATHENS, Greece -- There are fears in Greece that at least one new terror organisation has emerged to fill the vacuum left by the crackdown against the November 17 (N17) group.

A previously unknown group calling itself "Os Edo," or "Enough," has claimed responsibility for a firebomb attack on Wednesday on a branch of Citibank.

The group said it was in support of the N17 suspects being held in custody, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The group warned that other attacks would follow.

"The hits will continue with intensity in the following days. The struggle continues," the newspaper quoted the anonymous caller as saying.

On Tuesday, a group calling itself the Revolutionary Brigade said its firebomb attack on offices of the governing Socialist party also was in support of N17 suspects.


The new attacks came as investigators began collecting DNA samples from the N17 suspects as part of the process to build a solid case against them.

Sixteen men and one woman are currently been held in a maximum security prison pending trial on terrorism charges.

Nearly all the men are charged with multiple counts of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery. The woman is charged with participation in a terrorist organisation.

November 17 has been blamed for killing 23 people including foreign diplomats in a 27-year reign of terror.

The group, named after the date of a 1973 Athens student revolt against the then military junta, emerged in 1975 with the murder of CIA station chief Richard Welch.

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