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Russia denies Georgia attack report

Georgian President Shevardnadze says
Georgian President Shevardnadze says "all means" will be used to stop the attacks  

TBILISI, Georgia (CNN) -- Russia has denied reports it has launched a bombing attack on several locations in the Pankisi Gorge region, along its border with Georgia.

The 40-minute raid by Russian military aircraft is said to have happened on Friday.

"At sunrise on Friday, 10 Russian military planes were bombing the territory of Ilto gorge, which is near Pankisi Gorge and as a result of the bombing at Buhrevi village a woman and a child died," Georgian Minister of State Security Valery Haburdzanya told the Interfax news agency.

But Russian air force spokesman Alexander Dobryshevsky, also according to Interfax, said: "Russia's air force didn't cross the border, didn't fly over that region and didn't bomb anything."

Russia maintains Chechen rebels use the rugged Russia-Georgia border region to stage attacks, but they have consistently refuted Georgian claims of attacks on the camps.

"If it will continue this way, Georgia will have to use all means to stop such bombings," Georgia President Eduard Shevardnadze told Interfax.

"Russia should stop hunting for Georgian villages and if the Russian president cannot control his own military forces, this is his problem."

Russia has accused Georgia of harbouring Chechen rebels and allowing them to freely pass with supplies and reinforcements.


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