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Peacekeeping in Bosnia

U.N. 'blue hat' peacekeepers are deployed around the world
U.N. 'blue hat' peacekeepers are deployed around the world  

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The future of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Bosnia is under threat over a dispute about the powers of a new international court.

The United States has used its veto in the Security Council to block an extension of the mission for a further six months. (Full story)

The veto has also cast doubt on the larger NATO-run operation which is covered by the same U.N. authorisation.

The U.S. has 46 personnel on U.N. duty in Bosnia. There are also 2,500 Americans in NATO's 18,000-strong Stabilisation Force (SFOR).

SFOR, whose headquarters is based in Sarajevo, is made up of troops from over 30 countries.

The United Nations approved a 72-hour extension for the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia after the U.S. vetoed a six-month extension. CNN's Brian Palmer reports (July 1)

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The 17,500 SFOR personnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 400 in Croatia are deployed in the following areas:

Multinational Division North (HQ: Tuzla)

MND-N has approximately 4,800 personnel.

The major contributing nations are: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, United States of America.

Multinational Division Southeast (HQ: Mostar)

MND-SE has approximately 4,600 personnel.

The major contributing nations are: Albania, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Spain.

Multinational Division Southwest (HQ: Banja Luka)

MND-SW has approximately 4,000 personnel.

The major contributing nations are: Canada, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Theatre Troops

There are approximately 1,700 personnel in Theatre Troops.

Theatre Troops are based at various locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The major contributing nations are: Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia.

All SFOR personnel are immune from "local" jurisdiction, immune from arrest or detention by local police and are not required to carry a passport.

But they must respect local laws and refrain from actions not compatible with the nature of the operation.

Besides the 46 Americans on duty in Bosnia, the largest U.S. commitment to the region is the 551 police officers it provides as part of the U.N. mission in Kosovo.


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