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Your Say: Anger over WorldCom

(CNN) -- WorldCom's admission that it improperly accounted for $3.8 billion over the past five quarters has shaken markets and left investors once again questioning their confidence in Corporate America. (Full story).

CNN's Richard Quest asked for your views, including whether the news made you angry, and who you thought should be responsible for keeping corporations honest.

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Here are some of your comments. You can have your say by mailing

Yes, this does make me angry, because the impact ... is deep and widespread. ... In the end, governments are responsible, for they have themselves enjoyed popularity from the economic upturn, without taking responsibility for the foundations of the economy while it was rotting away at the same time. Too bad it will take a major economic crisis before something will be done. Ruud Verschoor, The Netherlands

I believe that it is the shareholders who are to blame for the collapse of WorldCom. They put management under too much pressure to perform. Robyn Williams, New Zealand

It would seem that Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist organisation has more supporters in the USA that we previously imagined. The crooks, charlatans and cockroaches running the boardrooms of America are doing more to destroy that country from within than Osama could ever have hoped for! Greg Stevens

It all starts with the universities. The students are mimicking the behavior of their role models, their professors and university administrators. For years, the universities have become more and more commercialized, engaging more and more in the provision of various business/commercial activities. But as non-profit entities, they also become unfair competition for their for-profit competitors. The professors enrich themselves unfairly by using university resources as if they were their own, to conduct their own so-called "consulting" activities. But to anyone else, this is white-collar stealing. Clean up the universities and make them behave on an ethically high level, and some generations later so will the students. Chuck, United States

That worst part in these scandals is that even though these people get fired, they get (or already got) millions in bonuses, whereas the employees lose their jobs and investors lose all their money. Onyl Malabanan

I extremely angry about this latest scandal. Everything is legal until you get caught in corporate America. What ever happen to business ethics? Nancy Maloney, United Arab Emirates




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