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Corporate life for Poland's Walesa

Walesa: From shipyard worker to boardroom director  

WARSAW, Poland -- Lech Walesa, Poland's legendary anti-communist leader and Nobel peace laureate, is to join the board of a private U.S. computer company.

The former shipyard technician is coming out of political retirement to advise NuTech Solutions on international affairs, the company told Reuters news agency.

Walesa told Poland's PAP news agency that his salary has not yet been set, but directors earn $10,000 per month on average at the Charlotte, North Carolina-based firm.

Walesa, 58, who led the Solidarity trade union's decade-long pro-democracy campaign in Poland, went on to become the country's first postwar freely-elected president in 1990, but failed to win re-election.

When he ran again two years ago, he won just one percent of the vote.

Walesa, a reluctant elder statesman, said his job would be to interpret world events for NuTech -- an environmental systems software firm run by Polish emigre Matthew Michalewicz.




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