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Your say: Is downloading music OK?

(CNN) -- Should downloading music off the Internet be legal? Is it morally correct? CNN's Richard Quest asked for your views. Here is a selection of your e-mails. You can have your say by mailing

Sons of Napster costing industry 
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There is no doubt that music companies are losing lots of money because of the peer-to-peer services provided by the Internet. Walmir de Almeida, Mozambique

Being a 44-year-old progressive rocker living in northern Germany, I am not able to listen to the new issues. I am, however, able to download after reading about them in Rolling Stone magazine, and if I like them I buy the CDs. I have done this about 10 times this year. I can also download songs that are out of print and no longer available. Paul Surko, Sylt, Germany

It is clear that using downloaded music for profit purposes is wrong, because you are using others' expertise for your own use without the corresponding compensation to that enterprise. However, it is really very difficult to say whether downloading music for personal use is wrong. Battling against Napster is not the solution. Closing one agent will only sprout a thousand more. It's about time the music industry brings more value to the consumers, beyond music production and distribution. Daphne Go, Manila, Philippines

The reason that no one feels morally obligated to buy music is because the music industry has never felt morally obligated to sell CDs at a fair price. The industry has helped to bring this upon itself ... and is as much to blame, if not more, than Internet music distributors. Corey, Sembach, Germany

I do not believe that listening to music is "stealing." I prefer to look at it as promoting a singer. The law enforcers cannot stop music lovers from listening to music online or dubbing from the radios -- unless they convince manufacturers of music equipment to eliminate the record button. I don't think so!!!! As the economy becomes more competitive, business people need to devise strategies that will ensure that their products and services are purchased -- not to look for ways of limiting their customers enjoying their product. Hellen Sabwa, Nairobi, Kenya

Downloading music from the Internet is so easy and so convenient, why would anyone not want to do it? No one can go into your home and make you stop, and the only people complaining about it are the people that are losing money because of it. These people should be happy that this capability exists because it is the best way for new artists to gain exposure throughout the world. Imposing restrictions would only encourage other almost equally convenient ways to get the music online. Sarah Shatzel, Seigelbach, Germany

I'm happy to pay per download for the latest hits. For older music, I'd be inclined to agree to an annual subscription for unlimited downloads. But it's up to the music companies to come up with the business models and catch up with the technology. Michael Stout, Edam, Holland

Online music download has facilitated music lovers' access to music of different cultures and eras that are almost impossible to find in music stores. Thumbs up for music download and rewritable technology. Omar Falloon, Jamaica

I don't know anything about record sales figures in general, but I do know what its been like in our family. We have two teenage daughters. At first we tried to forbid them to download music from the Internet, but we soon gave up and let them have their way. The result? They're buying a lot more records nowadays! How do we know? Well, we parents are the ones paying up. Per Siden, Sweden




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