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Stowaway body found on plane

Heathrow terminal
Police at Heathrow Airport are trying to identify the body  

LONDON, England -- The body of a stowaway has been discovered in the undercarriage of a freight plane after it landed at Heathrow Airport in London, police have said.

The man is thought to have frozen to death. Temperatures can drop to below minus 40 degrees Centigrade in undercarriage bays at high altitude.

The DAS Air Cargo flight is believed to have begun its journey in Entebbe, Uganda, stopping off in Cairo and the Belgian port of Ostend before continuing its journey to London on Sunday.

He was discovered by engineers during checks of the plane after it landed at Heathrow, west London, but it is not clear at which point the stowaway hid himself.

Checks are being made on the identity of the man but he is believed to be of African origin.

The Scotland Yard spokeswoman told the UK Press Association: "We believe he is a stowaway. We are working to establish his identity."


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