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ETA youth supporters arrested

ETA youth supporters arrested

BILBAO, Spain (CNN) -- Eleven people were arrested on charges of belonging to a youth organisation that supports the armed Basque separatist group ETA, a government spokesman told CNN.

The members, belonging to the group Segi, were arrested at various locations across Spain.

Police also searched 22 homes and other locations, seizing documents belonging to the group which was outlawed by an investigating magistrate last month. ETA has already been outlawed.

The magistrate, Baltasar Garzon, personally directed the raids, which began Thursday night and continued into Friday in four northern Basque provinces.

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Garzon's order on February 5 to outlaw Segi accused the youth organisation of carrying out damage to property and threatening town councillors who oppose Basque independence -- the goal of ETA and the groups that support it.

At least 17 other ETA members or sympathisers have been arrested since late February.

ETA, listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States, is blamed for 800 killings since 1968.

Last week, ETA was accused of planting a bomb that injured a Socialist town councillor and her bodyguard.

Police have kept up pressure against ETA and its supporters in advance of the European Union summit in Barcelona that begins March 15. Police have already discovered at least two ETA strategies to disrupt the summit with bombs, they say.


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