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$66,000 bar bill bankers 'sacked'

LONDON, England -- Five bank traders who ran up a drinks bill of £44,007 ($66,000) have lost their jobs, according to press reports.

The Barclays Capital staff gained notoriety last July after splashing out their own money on vintage wines at Petrus Restaurant in central London. Europe
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Now it has emerged that the celebration cost them their jobs because the extravagance angered some customers, according to the UK Press Association on Monday. It is thought they left the bank in the last few weeks.

A sixth member of the party was spared because he had only recently joined the firm, said the reports. Barclays Capital refused to comment. At the time it said that the bill was covered by the bankers and would not be claimed back on expenses.

The bill included champagne and wine, like three bottles of Petrus Pomerol from 1945, 1946 and 1947 costing £11,600, £9,400, and £12,300 respectively, and a £9,200 dessert wine.

Restaurant owner Gordon Ramsay threw in the food for free. It is believed the diners left a four-figure tip.


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