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UK celebrates slacking

Take it easy is the Slacker Day advice
Take it easy is the Slacker Day advice  

LONDON, England -- British workers are being urged to lay down their tools and take it easy on Friday.

The campaign aims to remind people that they should work to live rather than live to work, with Slacker Day organisers saying: "For the sake of your health stay in bed."

Slacker Day this year comes as a survey of British working habits found one-third of workers surfed the Internet at work for non-work related reasons

Actor and writer Simon Pegg, star of Channel 4's comedy series Spaced, told the Slacker Day Web site: "It is vital to understand the importance of doing nothing. Slacking is a necessity. It is Yin to activity's Yang.

"How can you possibly comprehend the value of your own hectic endeavour if you don't occasionally put your feet up and experience a state of complete calm?"

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The campaign was set up by Oncus, a company which describes itself as existing to nurture talent and has its own clothes design and record label arms.

Oncus said: "Everyday, otherwise creative and intelligent people are driven to hair loss and road rage due to an unhealthy 'work comes first' stress driven culture.

"Slacker Day intends to remind people that life does not revolve around the office and that a day spent in bed or in front of the telly can make a remarkable improvement to your health and happiness."

The company is already planning for Slacker Day 2003 and is urging DIY shops to close for the day.

Slacker Day coincides with the publication of a survey of the working habits of more than 3,000 workers, in which 32% of respondents confessed to spending at least an hour a day surfing the Internet for non-work related reasons.

More than 70% of workers questioned also admitted using office time for personal e-mail and correspondence.

The survey, by on-line polling company MyVoice, estimated the wasted time was costing UK businesses billions of pounds a year in lost productivity.


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