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UK's Queen Mother hurt in fall

Queen Mother
The Queen Mother cut her arm in her latest fall  

LONDON, England -- Britain's Queen Mother has suffered a slight fall and cut her arm, it has been announced.

Queen Elizabeth's 101-year-old mother, who is mourning the death of her second daughter, Princess Margaret, stumbled on Wednesday.

A doctor was called to Sandringham, the queen's Norfolk estate, in eastern England, and dressed the wound.

Despite the incident, it is said that she still intends to attend Margaret's funeral, at Slough, west of London, on Friday.

Royals mourn tragic princess 

However, the incident will be of great concern to the queen and the rest of the royal family who are understood to be worried about the journey the Queen Mother faces to get from Norfolk to Slough.

A spokeswoman at Clarence House, the Queen Mother's official residence in London, told CNN: "Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother slipped in her sitting room at Sandringham this afternoon and cut her arm.

"This has been dressed by the doctor and there is no change in Her Majesty's plans to travel to Windsor tomorrow afternoon."

Princess Margaret died on Saturday following a stroke aged 71. She had suffered from ill health for a number of years.

Although the latest scare is thought to have been a minor accident, at the Queen Mother's great age any upset could be serious.

As well as coping with the emotional strain of her daughter's death, she is fighting off a virus that left her with a persistent cough.

It is understood that the Queen Mother was getting up from a chair and stumbled.

She was on her own at the time but her maid and footman, in the next room, heard a bump and went to her aid.

Princess Margaret died on Saturday
Princess Margaret died on Saturday  

A doctor was summoned immediately and an ambulance, with a resucsitation unit as a precaution, arrived at Sandringham House.

The Queen Mother has not been seen in public since November and has been suffering from a cold and chesty cough.

She underwent a major operation in November 1995 to replace her right hip and had a second hip replacement in January 1998 when she fell and broke her left hip.

In November 2000, she tripped and fell in her sitting room at Clarence House and fractured the left-hand-side of her collar bone.


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