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McDonalds drafts in Asterix to lure French diners

PARIS, France -- It is a typically American staple; the Big Mac.

But to promote it, not Ronald McDonald, but a very French comic book character -- Asterix the Gaul.

U.S. fast-food giant McDonald's is teaming up with the French cartoon character Asterix Gaul as part of a multimillion dollar marketing campaign. CNN's Hala Gorani reports (January 24)

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McDonalds is spending millions of dollars on a series of commercials starring Asterix to promote new exotic sandwiches with a Mediterranean twist.

The fast food giant is trying hard to appeal to European consumers.

Its profits have been dwindling recently, hurt by food scares in Europe, like mad cow disease.

And McDonalds' image has been damaged by anti-globalisation protesters, who often grab headlines in France by mounting protests outside McDonalds outlets.

Whether drafting in Asterix to help will prove a success remains to be seen.




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