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Spain charges two terror suspects

By CNN Madrid Bureau Chief Al Goodman

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- Two suspected members of the al Qaeda network have been charged with belonging to a terror organisation.

The pair, Moroccan-born Najib Chaib Mohamed, 35, and Algerian national Atmane Resali, 31, appeared in a Madrid court on Monday, two days after their arrest in Barcelona.

A Spanish judge, Judge Ismael Moreno, remanded the two in custody without bail, an aide to the judge told CNN.

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The pair were brought to Madrid after being arrested in a Barcelona suburb on Saturday

They were expected to return to court on Tuesday for questioning by another judge, Baltasar Garzon, who has been leading the investigation of Islamic terror groups in Spain.

Authorities say a police search has been in operation for the two men since they fled last November after eight other suspected al Qaeda members were arrested in Spain.

The two men had allegedly lived in the Madrid apartment of one of the eight men arrested in November.

Garzon last November charged the eight men with having a role in preparing the September 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

In the same court order last November, Garzon issued an arrest warrant for Mohamed. Resali was not named in Garzon's November court order.

Spanish state radio, citing court sources, reported on Monday that the two defendants denied any links to Islamic terrorism, although they admitted knowing one of the men arrested in November.

CNN was unable to get immediate confirmation from the court on these details.


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