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Hiccup treatment 'shrank my penis'

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A Malaysian coffeeshop owner has claimed that a treatment for hiccups left him partially deaf, damaged his throat and shortened his penis, a news report said.

The Star daily reported on Thursday that the man's medical woes began after he sought treatment in hospital following a referral from his doctor.

There he was placed on an intravenous drip and given oral medication.

"After two days my left ear started to turn red and my throat started to hurt," Chong Wee Ken, 38, was quoted by the paper.

"When I asked the doctor, he said I had shingles and told me to continue with the medication." Asia
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"I also discovered that my penis had become shorter because of all these [medication and treatment process]," he said.

Chong told the paper that in the next 10 days his left ear became covered in blisters, he could not eat or speak well and he partially lost use of his left arm.

Fearing he may die, the man discharged himself and went to another hospital which treated the blisters within a week.

The surgeon that first treated Chong said that the patient was suffering from shingles of the ear and throat and the hiccups were a symptom, The Star reported.

Chong was given the only anti-viral drug available to treat shingles, the surgeon added.

"He did not give me a chance to complete the treatment when he discharged himself," he told The Star.

It was not clear from the newspaper report whether the patient was seeking damages or had filed a complaint against the hospital.


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