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Four soldiers die in Kashmir attack

Indian soldiers
Indian soldiers move towards the border areas of Indian Kashmir Sunday  

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- Suspected Islamic militants attacked an Indian army camp in Kashmir Sunday killing at least four Indian soldiers and wounding another 10, Indian army sources said.

The attack came hours before India's top security panel convened for a second day.

Police killed one of the attackers and are searching for others, according to police sources. Initial reports said three militants were responsible for the attack, which took place 150 kilometers north of Jammu.

The Indian government is under growing pressure to take military action against Pakistan, after an attack on an Indian army camp Tuesday that killed 31 people including the wives and children of Indian soldiers in the Kashmiri town of Kaluchak.

India responded to the heightened tensions Saturday by asking Pakistan's high commissioner to leave the country for an indefinite period of time.

State of violence 
CNN's Satinder Bindra reports on the unprecedented military cooperation between the United States and India.

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CNN's Satinder Bindra reports India blames Pakistan for the deadly attack in Kashmir that killed 31 people, including 12 children and 10 women.

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Pakistan said it "noted with disappointment" India's decision to ask Ashraf Jehangir Kazi to leave India.

Kazi, who has a week to leave the country, said India has yet to provide a "shred of evidence" that Pakistan is to blame for the Kaluchak attack.

India accuses Islamabad of arming and training Pakistan-based militant groups but Pakistan denies the charges, saying it only provides moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiri separatists.

Demonstrators gathered Sunday morning around the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, accusing the United States of double standards in its war on terrorism.

"When a terrorist attack happens against them, they destroy the whole of Afghanistan and the terrorism hidden there," one demonstrator said. "When a terrorist attack happens against India, then they support Pakistan."

The upsurge in violence in the disputed region of Kashmir has forced thousands of Indian villagers to flee their homes along the line of control that divides territories administered by India and Pakistan, according to local reports.

On Saturday, two members of the Indian paramilitary forces were gunned down in a market in the Kashmiri town of Pattan, Indian police sources told CNN.

Indian sources said one person was killed and six others were wounded in heavy border shelling in northern Kashmir Saturday.

The Pakistani military on Saturday said two people were killed and 15 injured along the line of control after what it called intense firing and shelling by the Indian army.

More than a dozen Islamic groups have been fighting for Kashmir's independence from India since the militant insurgency began in 1989.

Since a mid-December attack on India's Parliament that India blames on Pakistani-based Muslim militants, the two countries have massed several hundred thousand troops along their border.

The heightened tensions have caused international concern because both countries have successfully tested nuclear weapons.

-- CNN New Delhi Bureau Chief Satinder Bindra contributed to this report.




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