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Messages of sorrow, shock after Pearl's killing

(CNN) -- The murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan has prompted a worldwide outpouring of sorrow, anger and disbelief. Here's a sampling of reactions sent by e-mail to CNN.

'Heartbroken like any true Pakistani'

I am a young Pakistani student studying in Canada in the town of Sackville, New Brunswick. I just heard on CNN about Mr. Pearl's death. Let me say that I am heartbroken like any true Pakistani would be. Certain elements portray us as fundamentalists and ruthless people. We are not. Mr. Pearl was an honest, upright and a very brave American journalist. I salute him. I am proud of him. I wish all the fanatics realize that underneath a different skin color, we are all the same. We all have hopes to live in a better world with our dear ones.

Shahzad Aftal Chaudhry, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

Sending a hug

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I am a quilter, and have followed the Pearl story and am heartbroken at the outcome. Is there any way I may send a quilt for Mr. Pearl's son? I would like very much to send a hug to both the unborn baby and his mom, Mrs. Pearl. I know that this sounds corny, but how better to extend our thoughts, best wishes and love for them in this horrible time?

Kyra Loadman, Austin, Texas

Murder 'unthinkable'

I just want to join the list of those who are expressing their horror at the murder of Daniel Pearl. I am deeply and sorrowfully affected by what these people have done to him. It is unthinkable to me that I have to share the planet with people who could carry out such a heinous crime against our fellow man.

J. Reeves, Los Angeles, California

Praying for family

I am a Pakistani and Muslim. Like all patriotic Pakistanis, I am deeply saddened by the assassination of Mr. Pearl. I will pray for the family and relatives of Mr. Pearl. May God rest him in peace.

Farakh Mir

'God does allow evil'

I have prayed every day for Daniel Pearl and his family. How do I explain what has happened? I can't. God does allow evil and we saw it on 9-11. ... Like many of you, I didn't know him personally, but my heart aches for his wife and their unborn child.

Jamie Herring, Brookings, Oregon

Child won't know father

I feel deeply saddened by the death of Daniel Pearl, and I will pray for him, his wife and for his unborn child who will never get the chance to know his father. ... My heart goes out to them all.

Donald J. Schmitz, Tinley Park, Illinois




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