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Children slashed in S. Korea knife attack

A mother looks after her child, after she was stabbed by the knifeman
A mother looks after her child, after she was stabbed by the knifeman  

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- A man wielding a knife and claiming to be driven by voices urging him to kill, slashed and injured at least 10 children at a church preschool in Seoul.

The injured children, ages 3 to 5, were taken to the hospital for treatment, police said on Wednesday.

There was no immediate information on the extent of their injuries, but a police spokesman said he didn't think any of the injuries were serious.

The suspect, a 53-year-old jobless man, was arrested 30 minutes after Wednesday's attack in the South Korean capital's Gunja neighborhood, the Yonhap news agency reported.

CNN's Sohn Jie-ae tells about a man in S. Korea who says he heard voices telling him to kill when he attacked a preschool.

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Yonhap reported that the knife assault took place as 45 children and three adults were eating lunch in the church cafeteria.

The man told police that he heard voices on Tuesday night telling him that he would be killed unless he killed others, the report said.

"He said he was haunted by somebody else who tried to kill him. We are investigating him now," an investigating police officer was quoted as saying.




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