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TEXT: La Rose Blanche explains its products

The following is an excerpt from a letter sent to CNN by La Rose Blanche.

-- The La Rose Blanche clinical professional skincare series can yield skin lightening/whitening effects. The skin problems suffered today by women arise largely from poor circulation -- as this means insufficient water, oxygen, and nutrients are able to reach the surface of the skin to create healthy new cells, while there is poor removal of toxins and other forms of waste from the surface of the skin. This leads to unhealthy skin and an undesirable appearance, causing wrinkles, acne, brown spots, dry skin, oily skin, freckles, bad skin tone.

The La Rose Blanche series treats skin by attacking this problem -- insufficient circulation -- so that the skin heals itself. In this sense, this is a "Natural Skin Rejuvenating" series, which works by improving metabolism and circulation so that healthy skin cells are produced naturally and there is efficient removal of toxins and waste from the skins surface. As such, this is an effective treatment for the skin problems of today's women.

Undesirable skin colouration, which in Asia is a deeper yellow skin tone, comes about largely because there is insufficient oxygen reaching the skin surface. La Rose Blanche products treat this as the improved circulation brings with it more oxygen, ensuring that new skin cells have sufficient oxygen and therefore a regular tone. It is important to note that whereas some perceive skin lightening as a "bleaching" process, with La Rose Blanche products the skin lightening comes about by aiding the body's natural mechanisms to produce healthy skin with clean, natural tone.

In addition to this underlying theory of skin lightening, the La Rose Blanche Rejuvenating Cream also contains Vitamin C (in the relevant L-Ascorbyl Acid form), Titanium Dioxide, and Aminoethylphosphinic acid. These ingredients are known to inhibit the production of melanin (which is responsible for giving skin its dark color) and lightening the skin.

-- CNN neither endorses nor discourages the use of any skin care products




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