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Weapons caches found in Afghanistan

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (CNN) -- U.S. Special Operations forces have found two caches of weapons and ammunition near the Afghan town of Khowst, a spokesman for the U.S. military forces in Afghanistan said Friday.

One cache consisted of about 100 107-mm rockets and 100 cases of 12.7-mm machine gun ammunition, Col. Roger King said.

The other stockpile, found during a search of a compound, held 18 82-mm mortar rounds, 18 82-mm rifle rounds, and eight 107-mm rockets, King said.

The caches were found Thursday, King said.

In nearby Deh Rawod, U.S. Special Operations forces investigated reports and found three 107-mm rockets pointed in the direction of a safe house used by the forces, King said. The rockets, which were equipped with makeshift remote timers, were destroyed.

King added that the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter that crash-landed Tuesday was determined to be unsalvageable and was destroyed at the crash site.




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