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Kandahar Airport unscathed by rocket attacks

Unclear what the rockets' precise targets were

From Lisa Rose Weaver

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Six rockets apparently aimed at the airfield at Kandahar Airport failed to reach their target early Tuesday, a spokesman for Canadian forces said.

The rockets either missed their target, fell short of the airfield or did not leave the launch site, the spokesman said. No injuries, detentions or arrests were reported from the incident.

Canadian and Afghan patrols left the base after hearing an explosion and discovered the launch site about three miles from the airfield perimeter. It was not clear what was being targeted at the base.

Of six Chinese-made 107mm rockets, two did not leave the improvised launch site, two landed more than 75 yards (300 meters) from the launch site without detonating, and two rockets detonated nearly two miles (about three kilometers) west of the airfield perimeter.

Canadian forces destroyed the four undetonated rockets, which were controlled by a time-delayed detonation device, the spokesman told reporters.

A Canadian team was investigating the incident, including talking to witnesses, but a Canadian forces spokesman didn't say whether investigators would focus on a certain region or village.




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