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Shark attack in Sydney river

The attacked happened in a popular part of Sydney Harbour  

By CNN's Grant Holloway

SYDNEY, Australia (CNN) -- A 35-year-old man has had a harrowing encounter with a shark while paddling a kayak in the habor waters just a few kilometers west of downtown Sydney.

The man was in in his kayak Thursday evening near the Cabarita Marina in the Parramatta River when the shark struck.

He was thrown into the water by the impact and then hit in the chest by the shark, which then began circling him as he swam for help.

The man was able to climb onto a nearby navigational buoy and was rescued by a passing fishing boat.

Water Police examining the kayak found a large bite mark and part of a tooth imbedded in the stern.

The man suffered bruising and minor lacerations in the attack, police said.

Sergeant Darren McGuire from the water police says the shark struck without warning.

"Something flung him into the water, hit his kayak and the shark rammed his chest and he's seen it then that it was a shark," McGuire told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"He felt it as he was swimming, his hand punched the back of the shark or the head of the shark and he could feel it circling him and then he made it to the buoy and he scrambled up the and then he screamed for help," McGuire said.

Cabarita is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is a popular location for water sports and leisure activities.




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