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Florida third-graders face pot charges

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PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida (CNN) -- Two third-graders at a Florida elementary school are facing felony charges Wednesday after police said they were found to have 15 plastic bags of marijuana.

Port St. Lucie police said a cafeteria worker at the Rivers Edge Elementary School told them a 9-year-old boy had shown her a plastic bag of what appeared to be pot.

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Two 9-year-olds were arrested at their elementary school in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for allegedly possessing 15 bags of marijuana. WPTV's Steve Barrett reports. (December 11)
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The boy had 12 small bags of marijuana, according to a police report.

The student admitted he attempted to sell some of the bags to another third-grader, according to police. A second pupil was found in possession of three bags, police said. He told police he got them from the first boy on the bus on the way to school.

The boy with three bags was charged with possession of marijuana, a felony because it happened on school grounds. The second boy was charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

The boy with 12 bags initially told police he found them on the ground in Fort Pierce, a city north of Port St. Lucie where he lives. He then said another child gave it to him to sell.

Police said they are looking for a Fort Pierce teenager in connection with the incident.

Port St. Lucie is an Atlantic Coast city about 120 miles north of Miami.

Police estimate the drugs -- about 16 grams of marijuana -- were worth about $75.

The boys were booked into the St. Lucie Regional Detention Center and then released to their parents or legal guardians Monday night. A police spokesman said these are the youngest children they have arrested on charges of marijuana possession.

A school district spokeswoman said the Rivers Edge Elementary School sent a letter to parents explaining the situation. She called it an isolated incident, the first of its kind involving elementary-age students in her district.

The students were suspended for 10 days and have been recommended for expulsion under the school district's zero-tolerance policy for drugs.

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