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Sniper investigators look at Alabama killing

Police created a sketch, left, of the suspect in the liquor store shooting.
Police created a sketch, left, of the suspect in the liquor store shooting.

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MONTGOMERY, Alabama (CNN) -- The sniper task force has been investigating a fatal shooting last month at a liquor store in Montgomery, Alabama, in which a woman was killed and another was wounded.

Mayor Bobby Bright told CNN Thursday that evidence from the case has been passed along to the investigators.

Sgt. Scott Martino, police spokesman, said the incident occurred on the night of September 21 and was being treated as a robbery by local investigators.

Federal authorities want to know more about the shooting death of Claudine Parker and the wounding of Kelli Adams at the Alabama Beverage Control store at 2690 Zelda Road, where the women worked.

Martino said the store was located off the Interstate 85 exit. Other shootings by the sniper in the D.C.-area and the one near Richmond also took place near highway interstate.

Sources identified the two men as John Allen Muhammad, 42 -- a Gulf War veteran named in a federal arrest warrant for firearms violations who was being sought as a material witness in the sniper case -- and his 17-year-old stepson John Lee Malvo, a Jamaican citizen.

John Wilson, Montgomery, Alabama, police chief, discusses his assistance of the sniper task force.
John Wilson, Montgomery, Alabama, police chief, discusses his assistance of the sniper task force.

The paper said police then traced Malvo to a house in Tacoma, Washington, where he had been living with Williams. A Tacoma house was search by authorities, who removed a tree stump from the property. The stump was believed to be used for target practice.

Also, federal authorities searched the property of an Alabama paramilitary training camp as part of the Washington, D.C.-area sniper investigation.

The FBI said agents searched property in Marion Wednesday, but would not say where the search was conducted. The FBI did say the search was related to the sniper case.

Marion Police said the property searched was a training camp known as "Ground Zero USA" that specializes in special weapons and tactical training.

Later, a police spokeswoman declined to comment on any search, referring calls to the FBI in Mobile. An FBI spokeswoman said the bureau had no comment.

Mark Yates, the head of the training camp, denied reports that the camp was linked to Islamic militants.

"We have never been linked to any Islamic militants," Yates told CNN. "It was just a media hype that somebody picked up with and ran with."

Yates said to his knowledge, no one has searched the property and police were only present because of "over sensationalized" media reports. However, local TV stations said FBI agents were seen at the camp Wednesday and Yates acknowledged that he was not on the premises himself, but in Tuscaloosa, an hour's drive to the north.

He said the "Ground Zero" camp, which has operated for three years, trains law enforcement and security personnel.

"We had extensive talks with law enforcement agencies post-September 11, and the FBI have been aware of people who have gone through our program," Yates said.

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