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Delaney: Distraught family members gather

CNN's Bill Delaney
CNN's Bill Delaney

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Conrad Johnson, 35, a Montgomery County bus driver, was fatally shot as he prepared to go on his morning run. Though not yet confirmed as a sniper attack, all signs seem to point to it. CNN's Bill Delaney reports (October 23)
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Tip line:
$500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people involved in the shootings.
Write-in tips:
P.O. Box 7875
Gaithersburg, MD
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Suspect vehicles:
White Chevrolet Astro-type minivan with a ladder rack on its roof; Ford Econoline van with a ladder rack on its roof; white box-type truck

BETHESDA, Maryland (CNN) -- Investigators are working to determine whether a bus driver, who was shot and killed early Tuesday morning, was the latest victim in the string of sniper attacks that have killed nine people and wounded three since October 2.

Conrad Johnson, 35, was standing on the top steps of his empty bus when he was hit. The 35-year-old father of two was a 10-year county employee, who "loved basketball, loved his kids," Montgomery County executive Doug Duncan said.

Correspondent Bill Delaney was at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, where the man was taken as doctors tried to desperately save his life, and described the scene to CNN's Daryn Kagan.

DELANEY: The scene here for the past hour or so has been a scene of family. The man who died, obviously, was a member of a very large and extended family. We've had 30 or 40 very distraught, somber family member arriving at the hospital in the past hour and a half or so. The immediate family is believed to have been here earlier in the morning. The man, of course, brought here at around 6:40 in the morning, medevaced, operated on for hours before, tragically, doctors were unable to save his life.

Perhaps the most poignant scene, the most heartbreaking scene, an elderly woman let out of the hospital in the past hour or so, a gray-haired women, stooped, walking slowly, with policemen and accompanied by other family members. We have not able to confirm, but many here believe that perhaps was the mother of the 35-year-old bus driver who was shot. She stayed outside of the hospital for some time, just in a parking lot over there, talking to other family members, and as I say, literally stooped over with grief.

Now, we've had a hospital spokesperson come out just in the past 10 minutes or so to tell us that there will be no more press briefings here at Suburban Hospital. It's unclear where family members will be speaking to the press. We certainly will not be bothering them in any way to try to make that happen.

But the scene is now shifting away from Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. As I say, a hospital spokesperson coming out and saying...that there will be no more briefings here, that all of this now shifts over to the police in Montgomery County.

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