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Giuliani unhappy with trade center proposals

'Make the nature of the event compelling'

From Phil Hirschkorn

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani talks to reporters Monday evening during a book signing in New York.

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CNN's Jason Carroll reports on new proposals to replace the World Trade Center destroyed in the September 11 terror attacks.
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NEW YORK (CNN) -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani doesn't like the latest plans for rebuilding the World Trade Center.

Competing visions offered by seven architectural teams last week are "confusing" and missed the mark on what he would like to see on the 16-acre site, Giuliani said Monday.

"The first thing that has to be accomplished by this design is to properly and in a beautiful and compelling way capture the significance of what happened at this place," Giuliani said as he signed copies of his bestseller, "Leadership," at a Manhattan bookstore.

Four of the nine new land-use plans commissioned by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. envision the world's tallest structure. (Full story)

"I don't really know whether it should be tall, or it shouldn't. I think it has to be something that dominates the skyline, but I think the first thing that the design has to do is make the nature of the event compelling," the former mayor said.

Although al Qaeda terrorists steered hijacked airplanes into high floors of the 110-story Twin Towers, Giuliani said companies would be willing to rent space in very tall skyscrapers.

"I think that done in the right way, people would not be afraid," he said.

Still, Giuliani said the latest plans fall short of evoking the significance of the events of September 11, 2001.

"Once you've done that you can figure out after you've done that is there room for office buildings. Should they be tall or not so tall? Is there room for retail space, and exactly what that should look like?" he said.

Most of the plans call for 8 million to 10 million square feet of commercial space -- less than the 11 million destroyed -- plus a museum and a transit station. Three teams proposed re-creating twin towers, while others proposed connecting multiple buildings.

The models and animations of the new WTC proposals are on view at the World Financial Center, adjacent to the Trade Center site, and visitors are able to leave written opinions. The plans also can be viewed and comments submitted on the Lower Manhattan Development Corp.'s Web site:

The L.M.D.C. intends to settle on a final land use plan by next February. Then it will launch an international competition for a memorial to the nearly 3,000 people killed in the attack.

"I think the Vietnam memorial captured in a brilliant way what needed to be captured about Vietnam, and to this day has stood the test of time," Giuliani said. "It has in a way captured the difficulty of Vietnam, the historical significance of it, the ordeal of it, and the individual sacrifice involved."

Giuliani has declined to offer a detailed plan of his own.

His successor, Michael Bloomberg, has proposed an elaborate $11 billion plan for developing areas around the Trade Center and beyond. (Full story)

The Bloomberg plan would build major new transportation infrastructure, including a rail link to airports, expand the waterfront development, create new parks and tree-lined boulevards, and add thousands of apartments.

CNN's Jeanne Weinberg contributed to this report

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