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Pair of deer smash through D.C. McDonald's window

Four women taken to hospital

McDonald's windo
The McDonald's window through which the two deer jumped was blocked by police tape on Friday.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A pair of deer interrupted the lunchtime rush Friday at a McDonald's restaurant in Washington when they smashed through a plate glass window and pranced around the store, a fire official said.

Four women suffered minor injuries -- including abrasions to the head -- as they tried to get out of the animals' way, fire department spokesman Alan Etter told CNN.

The women were taken to a hospital. One of them complained of chest pains.

Etter said the deer jumped through a 4- by 6-foot window about 11 a.m. and walked through the dining area and the kitchen.

One of the deer jumped back through the window and escaped. Etter said he saw the animal running nearby about an hour later.

The second deer suffered severe cuts, so animal control workers tranquilized it and took it away to try to treat its wounds, Etter said.

He said he did not know how seriously the deer was hurt.

Etter said the injured deer appeared to be an adult. He said he did not know anything about the other deer.

He said he did not know what caused the deer to jump through the window.

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