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Police called to quell rowdy Ohio State fans

Crowds set cars on fire while celebrating Ohio State University's football victory.
Crowds set cars on fire while celebrating Ohio State University's football victory.

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Columbus, Ohio, affiliate WBNS has more on the rowdy aftermath of the Ohio State University victory over Michigan. (November 24)
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- Rowdy crowds celebrating the Ohio State University football victory over Michigan got out of hand Saturday night, and police arrested a few dozen celebrants in and around the Columbus campus.

Police said they arrested at least 46 people, most of them charged with open container violations, but they also arrested some for disorderly conduct and arson.

By early Sunday morning, the rowdy crowds were under control, police said.

Many of the disturbances occurred in a three-block area east of High Street, the main drag through campus, police said.

At one point, nine cars were piled together and burning, and an attempt was made to loot a bookstore on High Street.

Ohio State defeated Michigan, its top rival, 14-9 on Saturday afternoon. The second-ranked Buckeyes (13-0, 8-0 in the Big Ten conference) are headed to the Fiesta Bowl to play for a national title January 3.

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