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FedEx truck explodes on Missouri highway

Parrish: "We're certain this was your -- although it may not seem so -- it was your typical traffic crash."

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The fuel tank on a FedEx 18-wheeler exploded on an interstate highway near St. Louis, Missouri, burning the trailer and scattering packages (October 29)
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ST. LOUIS, Missouri (CNN) -- The fuel tank on a FedEx 18-wheeler exploded Tuesday on an interstate highway near St. Louis, scattering packages and envelopes across a long stretch of road, authorities said.

The truck was cut off by another vehicle and went off the road, rupturing the fuel tank and sparking the explosion, said Sgt. Ed Ensminger of the Missouri Highway Patrol. Another official said the fuel tank ruptured when the truck's trailer struck the post of an overhead sign.

The two drivers in the FedEx truck escaped unharmed, said company spokeswoman Pam Roberson. Video from local news stations showed debris scattered along Interstate 270, where the accident happened.

"We are still investigating the accident," Roberson said, adding that company records show there were no hazardous materials on the ground-transport truck.

Cpl. John Parrish of the Missouri Highway Patrol said foul play does not appear to be a factor.

"We're certain this was -- although it may not seem so -- your typical traffic crash," he said.

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